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21 de Agosto
Waxed Positives
To the Editor of the Journal of the Photographic Society.
Sir, - Having been studying the art of photography under Dr. Diammond, I have been able to test the different values of my positives taken on the salted, and those taken on the albuminized paper.
In the former, colour can be advantageously applied with greater facility than in the latter, and in the event of its not being desirable to colour the pictures, by waxing them, as is the case with negatives, I have obtained a fine transparent subdue tone, wich I greatly prefer to the albuminized glass.
Probably I am only stating to you what everybody knows, but not having been taught to wax my positives, I thought it only right to mention to you that I had done so with advantageous results.
Being about to plant my camera amongst the mountain scenery of Portugal, wich I am desirous graphically to describe, and photographically to illustrate, I crave your permission occasionally to intrude upon you with a succinct account of my humble progress in the photographic art.
I am, Sir
Your most obedient Servant
Crutched Friars, 13 th July, 1854.

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