quinta-feira, 3 de dezembro de 2009



6 de Setembro

(6ª. Feira)


nº. 18,708

Pag. 7


BY H. Fox TaLBOT, ESQ., F.R.S.Longman and Co



“ The little work now presented to the public is the first attempt to publish a series of plates or pictures wholly executed by the new art of photogenic drawing, without any aid whatever from the artist’s pencil”

Such is the modest preface with which the author of this work introduces his very beautiful and valuable discovery. A discovery it may be justly termed; for though the public has long been acquainted with the general principles of photography, as exhibited  in M. Daguerre’s invention, still it has been reserved for Mr. Talbot to devise a new and totally different application of the same principle, which bids fair to eclipse all former discoveries on the subject.

Without going into the circomstances which led to the secceful application of the chymical properties of the light ti the purposes of drawing on paper, it is sufficient to mention the fact that so early as 1834 Mr. Talbot commenced the experiments which have resulted in the art of photogenic drawing, by which every material object, from the stately building to the minute ramifications of a leaf or flower, are clearly and distinctly impressed upon paper by the hand of nature, whitout any artistical aid whatever. We earnestly commend this work to the notice of the public.

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